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October 17th, 2002

Aibotoys Teaches Aibo Robot Dog to Play Reversi and More

Aibotoys introduces its "Gamepack One" for playing AiboReversi, AiboMemory, Tictaibo and AiboDice on most models of Aibo robot dogs.

Aibotoys ( announces today its new game set called "Aibotoys Gamepack One" available simultaneously for the ERS-210/210A, ERS-220/220A, ERS-311/312 and ERS-31L series of Aibo robot dogs from Sony. Aibotoys Gamepack One is a collection of four games for the whole family: AiboReversi, where you can play the Reversi game against Aibo; AiboMemory, where you can exercise your memory by matching similar cards on a board; Tictaibo, the Tic-Tac-Toe game for Aibo and first third-party game available for Aibo; and AiboDice, where Aibo rolls a virtual die for any other game you play. You can play AiboReversi on the game board provided in the game set, or use any Othello(tm) game board you already have. Aibotoys Gamepack One comes with all the necessary accessories and easy to follow instructions. Pictures, contents list and description of Gamepack One will be posted on .

Browse to win a free copy of Gamepack One On two occasions between the launch date and Christmas (and at random times afterwards), a copy of Gamepack One will be given away in a contest. To participate, find the hidden image of the Aibotoys Star on the web site at and click on it. This will take you to the contest participation page where you can fill out your name and contact information. Every time a game set is available for winning, the hidden image will appear on the web site for a few hours. The free game set will be awarded to the first person to find the image and reply to the entry form. No shipping/handling charges apply.

If you want to be sure to get your own copy of Gamepack One before Christmas, order yours for US$ 109.00. The game set is on presale starting now, and shipments will begin mid-november 2002. Gamepack One buyers get US$ 5 back on Paypal for referring another buyer, who will get a US$ 5 rebate; save US$ 10 on your order of 2 game packs or more. Quantity discounts are also available.

About Aibotoys

Aibotoys is the first third-party provider of game software for Sony Corporation's Aibo(tm) robotic dog. Introduced in February 2002 as the first third-party software available for Aibo, the Tictaibo game set was later picked up by Aibotoys. Aibotoys uses Paypal, the pioneer and leading provider of Internet-based payments (, to process electronic payments when ordering. If you've never used Paypal before, it takes less than five minutes to complete your order online using any major credit card, wherever you are in the 38 countries covered by Paypal: select the items you want on the Aibotoys web site (, and press the Checkout button. Then enter your credit card information on Paypal's secure web page, your billing address for verification purposes, and it's done. Orders can also be placed via conventional mail using a money order. Ask about our other payment options.

Aibotoys, AiboReversi, AiboMemory, Tictaibo, Tic-T'Aibo, AiboDice and related contents are trademarks (tm) and copyright (c) 2002 Christian Meunier. "AIBO", is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. Othello(tm) is a trademark of Anjar Co. under exclusive license to Mattel, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Promotions and rebates announced here are subject to changes; contact us or consult the Aibotoys web site for the latest information. All contest entries will be verified for validity; Aibotoys reserves all rights to select entries. All dollar amounts in this article are US$.

For more information, please contact Marika Thomas at or Christian Meunier in Canada at +1-514-583-2608, or visit the Aibotoys website at .

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