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About us

Aibotoys is the first third-party provider of game software for Sony Corporation's AIBO™ robotic dog in America. In February 2002 it introduced Tictaibo , the Tic-Tac-Toe game for AIBO, as the first third-party software available worldwide for AIBO. The second generation of AIBO games, found in the Aibotoys Gamepack One, has been released in October 2002. Development of new products for AIBO is always our foremost priority, and is done secretively until it is ready for release and meets our high criteria for quality. Aibotoys is privately owned, and employs at any time between 2 and 9 people all working with the intent of bringing quality games to the AIBO community.

「Aibotoys Gamepack One」の日本語のページはありませんが、簡単な日本語で意見と質問を contact @ へどうぞ。

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