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New Release: Aibotoys Messenbo v1.0

After more than 2 years in the making, with Aibotoys Messenbo v. 1.0 we announce the most important software release from Aibotoys - a complete Instant Messenger application made especially for your AIBO! Connect to an XMPP/Jabber Instant Messenger server, chat with your buddies... AIBO will react to the conversation! You can also use freely available tools to design new AIBO emoticons that are installable on Messenbo. Share your creations with your friends!

New game: Aibotoys Bulls-and-Cows

With Aibotoys Bulls-and-Cows v. 1.0, we announce our second downloadable software from Aibotoys. Guess the 4 digits selected by AIBO! Aibotoys Bulls-and-Cows is an AIBO version of the traditional puzzle game “Bulls and Cows”. This traditional game was adapted and commercialized as Mastermind® in the 1970’s. In this game, AIBO randomly selects four digits, all different. Your objective is to find out which digits were chosen, in the correct order. Improve your score by finding the combination in fewer moves!

New software available!

With Aibotoys Hangman v. 1.0, we announce today the first of a series of downloadable software from Aibotoys. Now you can play with your AIBO without a game set! Just download the software, install on your Sony AIBO Programming Memory Stick, and enjoy!

Programming Memory Stick availability

Copies of the Aibotoys software packages are distributed on CD-ROM, or by electronic delivery. When shipping insurance is available to your country, we can add a Sony AIBO Programming Memory Stick (model ERA-MS0016) to your order at additional cost, and preinstall it with the software you buy at Aibotoys. Please inquire with us.

If you would like to buy an AIBO Programming Memory Stick without any software, we encourage you to buy the AIBO Programming Memory Sticks from the following sources:

New web site design

We finally have our new web site design! Every effort has been made to make sure it is as functional as the previous version. If you spot any error on the web pages, please let us know! We need your eyes in making sure nothing escaped our reviews. Thanks!

Free gifts!

Would you like a free gift, for you and your Aibo? Would you like to be kept up-to date with our next announcement? Click here!

AiboReversi: The first full-fledged board game for Aibo!

Play Reversi, one of the favorite board games around, against your Aibo! When starting Gamepack One, select the AiboReversi game and place your Aibo lying down in front of your AiboReversi game board. Then select the position you want to play using an easy code by pressing the Aibo paw switches, and confirm your move by pressing another sensor (sensor locations vary between Aibo models). Aibo will then think for a little while (usually less than 30 seconds), and use an easy code to tell you where Aibo's move will be. The easy to understand manual lists all the commands you need to go through the game, from correcting mistakes you make to passing a move, to having Aibo tell you all the pieces on the board in case you made a mistake. You can play AiboReversi on the game board provided in the game set, or use any Othello(tm) game board you already have. AiboReversi is written using a 1-ply alpha-beta search on all supported Aibo models, making Aibo look forward in the game as it plays.

Tictaibo : Tic-Tac-Toe Game for your Aibo! (AIBO ERS-210/220/310)

The Tictaibo game allows your Aibo(tm) to play Tic-Tac-Toe against a human opponent (or a second Aibo) on a 1 foot square board. To play your moves, place Aibo's pink ball on the board game at the position you wish to play, and watch Aibo's signals (varies depending on the Aibo model) to know in which square Aibo's move will be. Aibo 210's signal their move using a code on the the visor lights and by clicking a code with its ears; Aibo 31x's use sound and a color code with their horn to indicate their position. Aibo will use his image recognition to locate the ball on the board, see on which square you played, then make his move by signalling a code to tell you where that move will be. The game continues until one of the players wins or there is a draw.

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